The 7th Asia -Pacific Battery Exhibition is successfully held: the home energy storage battery market is hot

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Time of issue:2022-08-12 11:28


Recently, PCENERSYS(SHENZHEN) Co., Ltd. (referred to as PCENERSYS) participated in the WBE2022 World Battery Industry Expo and the 7th Asia Pacific Battery Exhibition at the Exhibition Hall of Guangzhou Canton Fair. The success of PCENERSYS was displayed and praised by many audiences during the exhibition during the exhibition.



According to Du Cheng, the domestic sales department, the Asia -Pacific battery exhibition is held once a year, and the location is basically held in Guangzhou. This exhibition is also another grand exhibition after the company successfully participated in the 6th Asia -Pacific battery exhibition last year. In terms of, the surface is relatively wide, including solar components, inverters and lithium battery related industries, especially this year many manufacturers to promote the display of home energy storage battery has become a beautiful scenery of the exhibition. At the same time, Manager Du also pointed out that this exhibition increased the booth area on the basis of last year and played a good role in propaganda.

At this exhibition, PCENERSYS focused on high -voltage home energy storage batteries, which adopted a modular and stack design to increase the output voltage of the energy storage battery through the external series,with praise of many audiences. According to the introduction of R & D director Kuang Li, this product is also one of our key R & D projects this year (reference: Significant progress has been made in the development of high-voltage power wall Lithium battery). At the same time, at this exhibition, we also further showed the audience the latest optimized design 5kWh and 10kWh wall -mounted home energy storage batteries. Compared with the previous styles, the latest products have further upgraded in terms of size, weight, and appearance. In terms of functions, the connection is added on the basis of the original product. At the same time, the comprehensive performance of the product is significantly improved by using CATL's battery cell design products.

The exhibition continued for a total of 3 days. After the epidemic, everyone worked online for a long time. This exhibition also provided industry personnel with a time to communicate together. Therefore, there were a lot of exhibitors. At the same time, due to the shortage of European energy, the energy storage market is particularly popular. "Just like the air conditioner in the 1990s" some veteran markets gave home energy storage batteries. PCENERSYS has a 6 -year research and development basis, at the same time, it is deeply combined with market demand, focusing on building a product series represented by home energy storage battery, which is loved and praised by the market and customers. In the next step, PCENERSYS will focus on the needs of the market and build a comprehensive construction in the technical upgrades, marketing, and customer service of home energy storage batteries. And other strategies make due contributions.


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