How to maintain 48V 200Ah Powerwall for home user in summer



Time of issue:2022-08-08 11:57


The weather is getting warmer, although the 48V 200Ah Powerwall for home user has strong high temperature resistance, but if you do not pay attention to check and maintenance, it will also damage the internal structure of the battery and shorten the service life of the battery. So, what should be paid attention to when maintaining the battery in hot weather?

48V 200Ah Powerwall for home user

Frist, When the temperature reaches above 45°C, do not charge the 48V 200Ah Powerwall for home user immediately after the work is over, and let it cool down for 30 minutes before charging. In addition, keep ventilation when charging, because the battery charger itself will heat up when charging, which will reduce the temperature of the lithium iron phosphate battery and the charger.

Second, the 48V 200Ah Powerwall for home user should be stored in a cool, dry environment. In rainy weather, it should be placed in a higher area to avoid sudden rainstorms at night, resulting in water accumulation and battery failure. At the handover of spring and summer, the amount of rain is relatively abundant. Excessive rain and humidity will affect the service life of the battery. Therefore, the battery needs to do basic maintenance such as water-proof and moisture-proof.

Third, in order to exert the full performance of the 48V 200Ah Powerwall for home user, it needs to be used frequently so that the electrons in the lithium battery are always in a state of flow. If the lithium battery is not used frequently, it is necessary to complete a charging cycle for the lithium battery every three months and perform a power calibration, that is, a deep discharge and deep charge.

The above are the routine daily maintenance measures for 48V 200Ah Powerwall for home user. PCENERSYS is a manufacturer of Wholesale 48V 200Ah LifePO4 Powerwall Battery. It has been engaged in the customization of lithium iron phosphate batteries for many years check, quality is guaranteed.


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