Significant progress has been made in the development of high-voltage power wall Lithium battery

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Author: Andy Colthorpe


Time of issue:2022-07-28 23:05


On July 28, 2022, our newly developed high-voltage modular stacked power wall Lithium battery completed all type tests in the laboratory, showing excellent comprehensive performance, marking the company's further development in the field of power wall Lithium battery a step that enriches the company's energy storage battery products.

According to the introduction of the company's technical director Kuang Lizheng, the high-voltage modular stacked power wall Lithium battery is one of the focuses of the company's product development in 2022 planned last year. Brand new products with blank market demand. According to Mr. Kuang's introduction, the product basically completed the work tasks of each node according to our established time plan, especially when there are many projects in the technical department this year and the complexity is large, colleagues in the technical department and related departments cooperate closely , Go all out to complete the predetermined goal, fully reflects the company's determination to develop new products and the unity of all members.


Mr. Kuang introduced that this product is different from the company's previous 5KWH or 10KWH wall-mounted powerwall LiFePO4 battery. This high-voltage modular stacked energy storage battery uses a single 48V 4.8KWH module externally connected in series to form a series of 96Vdc, 192Vdc and 384Vdc. The characteristics of power wall Lithium battery are: obe BMS integrated electric control cabinet controls multiple energy storage battery packs. The battery management system adopts a "master-slave" structure. The acquisition module is installed inside the battery module, and the data transmission is carried out through the acquisition module and the BMS integrated electronic control cabinet, and then the BMS master control box performs systematic control.

From our communication with Dr. Tan Zuxian, the CEO of PCENERSYS, we learned that the development of high-voltage household energy storage batteries is not only a strategic need of the company, but also a project set in combination with market demand. The high-voltage modular stacked household energy storage battery is very convenient to meet the needs of different markets. In terms of energy, the high-voltage energy storage battery can be expanded from 4.8KWH to 38.4KWH, and the voltage can be expanded from 48V to 384V. Compared with single-machine 48V5KWH or 48V10KWH household energy storage batteries, the application field of high-voltage modular stacked household energy storage batteries is significantly wider. Next will be a critical period for further product improvement and market promotion. The company's sales team and technical team are all doing their best to work on all sectors of the product. Mr. Tan also introduced that our company has never relaxed in the development of new products. In addition to products, technological innovation related to products is also one of our key tasks. An excellent product is composed of many specific technologies. Integrated, in the current environment of serious "involution" in the market and homogeneous competition, technological "micro-innovation" has always been the path we need to stick to and practice, and it is also in line with our basic operation of "science and technology promotes social progress". idea.

Looking forward to the continuous introduction of more new products from the company, and also hope that Pengcheng New Energy will get better and better and smoother on the road of technological innovation!


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