PCenersys LifePO4 Powerwall Battery manufacturers analysis of LifePO4 Powerwall Battery purchasing skills



Time of issue:2022-07-12 09:27


There is lots of lithium ion battery company and lithium ion battery products in the market, make the customers confused. Today PCenersys LifePO4 Powerwall Battery manufacturers tell the purchasing skills of LiFePO4 powerwall battery.
 LifePO4 Powerwall Battery manufacturers
1. Look at the appearance, look at the appearance refers to the appearance, craftsmanship, size and technology of the cells of LifePO4 Powerwall Battery. Check whether the shell stitching is wide, whether there are burrs, whether there is oil stains, good hand feeling, advanced technology feels very comfortable, through polishing, the rubber varnish material feels good, and the insulation performance is also strong.
 LifePO4 Powerwall Battery
2. See if you can understand the capacity of the LifePO4 Powerwall Battery, it is likely to use the remaining battery or reassemble the remaining battery. There are many low-cost lithium-ion batteries on the market. Whether you use recycled batteries or removed batteries, the price is of course cheap, but the lifespan is short and the quality is unstable. Careless use may damage the device and cause an explosion.
3. Look at the maintenance circuit of the LifePO4 Powerwall Battery feature to solve the lithium-ion battery must be added to the BMS , in order to prevent the lithium-ion battery from being overcharged, over-discharged and short-circuited, if the lithium-ion battery does not have a  BMS, the risk of deformation, leakage, and explosion will occur . Faced with fierce price competition, battery packaging companies are looking for cheaper BMS, potentially phasing out the device entirely, and flooding the market with the potentially explosive LifePO4 Powerwall Battery. Of course, in practice, consumers cannot identify and maintain BMS from the battery, so it is best to choose a reputable company to buy.
4. Look at the brand, there are many brands of LifePO4 Powerwall Battery, and it is difficult to see the quality from the appearance. In this case, everyone should do a little more homework before choosing, and check the manufacturer's information online more. Generally speaking, professional manufacturers are more reliable than small workshops, and manufacturers with long working hours are more reliable than those who have just entered the field.
 LifePO4 Powerwall Battery manufacturers
PCenersys are an over 10 years manufacture of lithium ion battery.  We want to make a long term cooperation with our clients, want to build our good brand and reputation. PCenersys company keep the high quality of lithium ion battery pack made from grade A LifePO4 cells. Our 24V and 48V LifePO4 powerwall are top quality has 6000+ cycle lifes. 100Ah and 200Ah is optional. And the 48V LifePO4 battery pack are support up to 15 units in parallel to enlarge the capacity. So it’s flexible for your house energy storage and consumption. Don’t hesitate to choose PCenersys, choose PCenersys LiFePO4 powerwall battery.


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