New Sales Colleague Training: AGV lithium battery and Powerwall Lithium ion battery for home

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Time of issue:2022-06-28 10:56


At 6:30 p.m. on June 27, 2022, Dr. Austin, the CEO of our company, held a professional and unique product training for our new sales colleagues in the conference room of the PCENERSYS headquarters, focusing on AGV lithium batteries and Powerwall Lithium ion battery for home in detail. The technical principle, characterization parameters, product structure and advantages and highlights of the battery, etc., and the future development trend of the two tracks of AGV lithium battery and Powerwall Lithium ion battery for home is explained in combination with the law of market economic development.

First of all, Dr. Austin gave his new colleagues a simple understanding of the characteristic parameters of lithium batteries by asking questions, and on this basis, he conducted an in-depth analysis and explanation of the detailed meaning of each parameter, especially for each parameter. Relevance was explained, so that the participants could understand in a simple way and achieve the purpose of easy learning. When introducing the charging and discharging technology of the lithium battery pack and the technology of splitting, the image metaphors in life were used to make people remember.

At the same time, the development history and future trends of the application of lithium batteries in the two fields of AGV and Powerwall Lithium ion battery for home are analyzed. Generally speaking, these two tracks are in a period of rapid development, and the products have a very high technical threshold and practical  application experience requirements cannot be compared with the traditional lithium battery pack market, technology, process and supply. In the period of global energy transition and driven by China's dual-carbon economy, the application and development of new energy is an unprecedented period of opportunity, and energy storage batteries have also emerged as the darling of the market. The demand for a small market segment is huge enough. Since the beginning of this year, our growth rate in Lithium ion battery for home is obvious. Dr. Austin hope everyone can take this opportunity to expand a larger market. In the field of AGV, this market has a long history but is just in the rising period of rapid growth, especially in 2015, only the related innovative enterprises founded by emerging companies have a strong momentum. The basic logic of its existence is the demand for high-end intelligent manufacturing and the loss of demographic dividends The mutual unity of social needs and social contradictions.

Finally, Dr.Austin encouraged everyone to strengthen the study of product expertise, social dynamics, economic development laws, etc., to have a deep understanding of industry conditions and product characteristics, and to do a good job of their own performance in order to serve customers.

The entire training session lasted for 2 hours. PCHNE Sales Director Bu Ping and Technical Director Kuang Lizheng attended the training session and assisted in answering relevant market and technical knowledge.


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