Powerwall Lithium Battery For Home: Market Heat and Industry Chaos

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Time of issue:2022-06-23 20:54


With the increasing global energy demand, especially the demand for new energy, the energy supply mode with solar energy, wind energy and other new energy as the main line is gradually accepted and used by people, and it is also the main goal of "low carbon" and "zero carbon" in the world. In September 2020, China clearly put forward the "3060 goal", that is mean to achieve carbon peak in 2030 and carbon neutrality in 2060, which has spawned a boom in the rapid development of new energy. Since this year, it is obvious that the export demand for HOME Energy Storage Batteries is increasing. Under the dual premise that domestic raw materials remain high and foreign demand continues to rise, although the market for powerwall Lithium battery for home  is hot, the products are also uneven. There are many chaos, and many non-industry sellers who used to do e-commerce also want to come in to rub the heat, resulting in the industry being in an extremely chaotic state.

 At present, the foreign demand for powerwall lithium battery for home has greatly increased. For example, less developed countries such as Lebanon and Sri Lanka currently have a very large demands. At the same time, the purchasing-ability of this country is not high. According to statistics, some online platform home energy storage battery sellers from Last year’s 800 companies have grown to more than 4,000 at present. Obviously, it is due to the investment in the platform to increase the demand for data, which has led to many merchants rushing into the industry, all wanting to make a fortune by taking advantage of the popularity, but those who really have the ability to design and develop products. Very few, and more are some customers through the investment circle of marketing, and it is very difficult to ensure the product quality.

The R&D and production of POWERWALL Lithium Battery For Home are involved from large cell manufacturers to medium and large lithium battery PACK factories. Some manufacturers may still operate home energy storage battery products according to the lithium-ion battery PACK model. In fact, the idea is wrong. Although home energy storage batteries contain a lot of PACK process knowledge and have certain similarities, there is still a great way out for the positioning, service, design requirements of this product and traditional lithium-ion battery PACK, and It is difficult for a company with the ability to control the continuous, stable and high-quality supply of this product if there is no certain design and development.

In the process of rapid growth of this market, products with uneven levels have also become the label of the market. Among the products in the home energy storage battery market, taking 48V 100Ah LiFePO4 Powerwall Lithium ion battery as an example, there are 16 series of 51.2V and 15 series of 48V, the energy difference is more than 6% under the same capacity; in terms of cell selection, manufacturers who pursue quality will insist on using uncirculated cells of grade A, and many PACK manufacturers use grade B products to promote uncirculated A cells. High-quality batteries, and even disassembled products are used in energy storage battery products, disrupting the market with shoddy charging. The difference between the actual capacity (energy) and the nominal capacity (energy) in the market is even more bizarre. Some use 80Ah batteries replaced of battery with nominal 100Ah, use a 200Ah battery replaced of battery with nominal 250Ah, etc., and some people use products that have been eliminated from automobiles. As we all know, this kind of battery has reached the end of its life wehen It is already only 80% of the specified capacity or even lower, and its use in the field of home energy storage batteries will bring great security risks.

In short, the market demand will continue to be hot, but for customers, they really need to be cautious when choosing energy storage batteries! It is recommended that you pay more attention to some battery market consultation and professional knowledge.


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