How to choose advantageous energy storage LiFePO4 battery



Time of issue:2022-06-14 10:46


With the popularity of energy storage, the safety of Powerwall Battery has always been a hot topic. In particular, the recent incidents of energy storage system catching fire have made people deeply worried about the safety of power batteries.  The safety of energy storage system is related to the safety of many people's lives and properties. Judging from the current situation, in the field of solar/wind energy storage applications, 10kwh LiFePO4 battery manufacturers are more suitable for the development requirements of new energy storage system.

48V 10kwh LiFePO4 battery
The energy storage LiFePO4 battery have many advantages, specifically:
① Long service life. The data shows that the cycle life of the long-life lead acid/AGM battery is about 300 times, and the highest is only 500 times, but the cycle life of energy storage LiFePO4 battery can reach more than 6,000 times, and the service life is as high as 12-15 years. The comprehensive cost performance is relatively high.
②Higher safety. Lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganate and other batteries are prone to explosion when there is a violent impact, which seriously threatens people's lives. The 10kwh LiFePO4 battery manufacturer has undergone strict testing, and even in the accident, it will not crash. There is an explosion, so 10kwh LiFePO4 battery manufacturers are more suitable for the safety requirements of solar and wind energy storage
③The charging process can be completed quickly. Under the special charger, 1.0C charging can complete the charging process within 40 minutes, and the starting current can reach 2C.
④High temperature resistance performance, it is not easy to cause safety hazards in high temperature environment. Other types of batteries can work normally only at temperatures around 40°C, while energy storage LiFePO4 battery can operate normally at temperatures as high as 50°C to 60°C.
⑤ Green environmental protection and no pollution. The original intention of the promotion of new energy is to solve the problem of environmental pollution, and the 10kwh LiFePO4 battery manufacturers have less pollution to the environment and play an important role in promoting the promotion of new energy.
After years of development, 10kwh LiFePO4 battery manufacturers are relatively mature in technology. Although it has many advantages, nothing is perfect. At present, 48V 10kwh LiFePO4 battery still have certain defects. Disadvantages such as oxidation reactions, lower tap and compacted densities, higher material and manufacturing costs, and poor product consistency occur.
At present, many countries are strengthening the research on 48V 10kwh LiFePO4 battery. It is believed that with the continuous deepening of technology, 10kwh LiFePO4 battery manufacturers will continue to optimize to make our products more suitable for the development of new energy.


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