How is the application of 10kwh LiFePO4 battery in household energy storage



Time of issue:2022-05-19 10:32


The LiFePO4 battery system is divided into solar home energy storage power supply, multifunctional home energy storage battery system, high power energy storage power supply, portable home energy storage battery, outdoor home energy storage battery, home energy storage power supply, 12V home energy storage power supply, 24V Household energy storage power supply, 48V household energy storage battery. The 48V 10kwh LiFePO4 battery system is very flexible to customize, and the manufacturer of the 48V LiFePO4 battery can customize different capacity according to your needs.

10kwh LiFePO4 battery

The 10kwh LiFePO4 battery is currently divided into two types, one is a grid-connected home energy storage system, and the other is an off-grid home energy storage system. Home energy storage lithium battery packs give you access to safe, reliable and sustainable energy and ultimately an improved quality of life. Home energy storage products can be installed with home energy storage lithium battery packs, whether in photovoltaic off-grid application scenarios, or even in homes without photovoltaic systems.

The 10kwh LiFePO4 battery has a service life of more than 10 years, modular design, multiple energy storage units can be connected in parallel more flexibly, simple and fast, greatly improving energy storage and utilization.

The on-grid home energy storage system consists of five major parts, including: solar cell array, grid-connected inverter, BMS management system, lithium battery pack, and AC load. The system adopts the hybrid power supply of photovoltaic and energy storage system. When the utility power is normal, the photovoltaic grid-connected system and the utility power supply power to the load; when the utility power is cut off, the energy storage system and the photovoltaic grid-connected system jointly supply power.

The off-grid home energy storage system is independent and does not have any electrical connection with the grid, so the entire system does not need a grid-connected inverter, and the photovoltaic inverter can meet the requirements. The off-grid home energy storage system is divided into three working modes, mode 1: photovoltaic provides energy storage and user electricity (sunny day); mode 2: photovoltaic and energy storage battery provide user electricity (cloudy day); mode 3: 10kwh LiFePO4 The battery provides users with electricity (evening and rainy days).


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