How to choose LifePO4 Powerwall Battery manufacturers



Time of issue:2022-05-12 16:07


How to choose LifePO4 Powerwall Battery manufacturers? With the popularity of Powerwall Battery, there are more and more Powerwall Battery manufacturers, so how to choose the right LifePO4 Powerwall Battery manufacturers?
48V 200Ah LifePO4 Powerwall Battery manufacturers need to be determined according to the brand's trust degree. Brands with good quality and long-term operation can be judged by quality system certification to determine whether the company has enough trustworthy production capacity. What are the specific selection considerations for other Powerwall Battery, let's take a look.
LifePO4 Powerwall Battery manufacturers
1. Look at the brand. At present, there are many brands of Powerwall Battery. Consumers should choose a brand with a long operating time, low repair rate, good quality and credibility. PCenersys LifePO4 Powerwall Battery manufacturer has over 2000m² R&D sites and sales offices in Shenzhen City, and over 6000m² manufacturing base in Dongguan City, China with 8 production lines and more than 100 workers and many automatic machines that ensure the daily production of 2000KWH. Till end of 2020, PCENERSYS LifePO4 Powerwall Battery manufacturers has more 10K+ units ESS with different capacity been applied in over 60 counties and the longest service time is more than 6 years.
LifePO4 Powerwall Battery manufacturers
2. Heavy service. At present, all Powerwall Battery components are not universal, and maintenance cannot be socialized. Therefore, when choosing LifePO4 Powerwall Battery manufacturers, you must pay attention to whether there is a special maintenance service department in the area. service, it is easy to be fooled.
3. Check the accessories, the strength requirements and performance requirements of Powerwall Battery are better. When purchasing, the user should look at the quality of the selected parts, whether all the parts are manufactured well, whether the support is strong, whether the fasteners are rust-proof, etc.
LifePO4 Powerwall Battery manufacturers
4. Look at the product battery, first check whether the battery is brand new, because there are some bad small workshops in the market that use second-hand 48V 200Ah LifePO4 Powerwall Battery cells to make lithium batteries. Good batteries, higher safety, and better quality of lithium batteries! Such as PCenersys 48V 200Ah powerwall LifePo4 battery series. Top quality in LifePO4 Powerwall Battery manufacturers.
5. Detect the live work. During the live work of the 48V 200Ah LifePO4 Powerwall Battery, if the two poles of the battery are not hot after continuous discharge for about 10 minutes, it proves that the lithium battery protection board system is perfect. Generally, the quality of the 48V 200Ah LifePO4 Powerwall Battery with high-quality protection board Both are better than ordinary lithium batteries.
The transformation of "Lithium Power" into "Lithium Thinking" is an inevitable trend to generate new energy power. The LifePO4 Powerwall Battery industry can make a lot of progress. Although there is still a long way to go, the future is bright.


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