Importance of Safe Lithium Batteries

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Time of issue:2022-04-06 19:34


April 5, 2022, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is launching an investigation into LG Chem to ensure that it's handled other battery recalls appropriately.

NHTSA pointed out in February this year that Stellantis recalled 16741 Pacifica plug-in hybrid vehicles produced from 2017 to 2018, because the car manufacturer said that the hybrid battery pack produced by LG involved 12 vehicle fire reports.

Absolutely, the safety of Lithium batteries is very important for EV and energy storage sysetem (ESS) application area, but many safety accidents happened every year in electric vehicals and home energy storage systems. However, these issues products were uesed NMC lithium batteries in EV and/or ESS. As we konow, the NMC lithium batteris has high electrochemical activities during charge and discharge process,so the accident probablity was very high when the thermal runway was happened on cell during using. so the quality controll is very important and need very high control standard if you use NMC batteries.

Compared with NMC batteries, LifePO4 battery has good safe performance, long cycle life and stability, that had been used in EV,HEV and PHEV like BYD, CATL etc. and also used in home energy storage system (ESS) like powerwall batteries, these batteries had better safe performances in the process of long-term use.

PCENERSYS is a manufacture for Lithium ion battery in ESS (Energy Storage System) application with self developed key technologies including LiFePO₄ cell, BMS (Battery Management System), battery module and system integration. PCENERGY provides different type LifePO4 batteries for ESS and you can vist the website: 



Advantages of Discount Grade A 48V 100Ah Energy Storage LiFePO4 Battery for wind power generation

What are the advantages of Discount Grade A 48V 100Ah Energy Storage LiFePO4 Battery for wind power generation? 1. First of all, the energy storage of lithium iron phosphate battery can effectively suppress the fluctuation of wind power power, and effectively smooth the output power under the three modes of normal operation, grid fault operation and off-grid operation during the wind power system grid-connected operation, Improve power quality.

Advantages of Energy Storage LiFePO4 Battery for wind power generation

Energy Storage LiFePO4 Battery matching energy storage system has become the mainstream choice in the market. According to reports, lithium iron phosphate batteries have been tried to be used in electric buses, electric trucks, user-side and grid-side frequency regulation. Wind power generation, photovoltaic power generation and other renewable energy generation are safely connected to the grid. The inherent randomness, intermittency and volatility of wind power generation determine that its large-scale development will inevitably have a significant impact on the safe operation of the power system.

Role of Energy Storage LiFePO4 Battery in the market

Lithium iron phosphate battery has a series of unique advantages such as high working voltage, high energy density, long cycle life, low self-discharge rate, no memory effect, green environmental protection, etc.,

Powerwall Lithium ion battery company tells you how lithium ion batteries work

Powerwall Lithium ion battery company talks about the working mechanism of lithium ion batteries. Redox reactions are not explained here. People with poor chemistry foundation, or those who have already returned their chemistry knowledge to their teachers, will feel dizzy when they see these professional things, so let’s make some straightforward descriptions.

Powerwall Lithium ion battery factory introduces the small differences of similar products

Powerwall Lithium ion battery factory will introduce to you: the difference between lithium battery and lithium ion battery Lithium batteries and lithium-ion batteries are two different concepts, the main differences are as follows: The positive electrode material of lithium battery is manganese dioxide or thionyl chloride, and the negative electrode is lithium;

Advantages of Powerwall Lithium ion battery

Main advantages of Powerwall Lithium ion battery: Li-ion battery has high voltage and high energy density; Long cycle life, generally can be cycled 500 times, even more than 1000 times;