The 1st quarter business summary meeting was held

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Time of issue:2022-04-04 21:26


On April 1, 2022, all senior executives of the company and managers of departments held the first quarter business summary meeting in PCENERSYS Co., Ltd.. The meeting was presided over by Dr. Zuxian Tan, CEOr of the company, with the participation of heads of all departments and no one absent.



Firstly, Cathy, the domestic sales director, and Fang Qiang, the person in charge of the production system, shared and summarized the sales performance, manufacturing capacity and shipment in the first quarter of 2022. Director Cathy pointed out that in 2022, due to the market confusion caused by the epidemic, raw material prices and the international political situation, customers also showed a "anxious" trend. At the same time, peers in the industry generally had a hard time. Thanks to the strategic planning in the 4th quarter of 2021, the company's domestic business showed a significant growth trend in the first quarter of 2022, and the sales performance increased by more than 50% compared with the same period last year, At the same time, the performance of TOP10 customers showed an obvious trend of "high concentration of performance", and the introduction of new customers exceeded the predetermined target in the first quarter.

In the report of the person in charge of the production system, it is emphasized that the shipment performance in the 1st quarter increased by about 50%, which is basically consistent with the growth rate of sales orders, and the efficiency has been significantly improved, which is closely related to the customer order structure and the stability of old employees. On this basis, the tdirect rate of products has been significantly improved and customer complaints have been further reduced. In short, under the stable order structure, the current production capacity,efficiency and quality control can match the needs of our customers.

Subsequently, the technical department made a detailed report on the overall work in the 1st quarter, focusing on process improvement and the development of new products and projects. Compared with last year, new products and projects increased a lot in the 1st quarter of 2022, mainly new products and projects foucsed on the energy storage batteries and AGV lithium batteries. At present, on the one hand, the development of new products of energy storage batteries is being promoted according to the company's R & D progress, At the same time, we can basically complete the development of AGV lithium battery project according to the needs of customers and the market.

Other departments such as quality department, purchasing department and financial department also summarized and analyzed their work. After that, all further discussed the existing problems and efficient communication methods of every departments, and then put forward the main suggestions for the long-term and efficient communication between all departments.

Finally, Dr. Zuxian Tan, CEO of the company, made a concluding speech. First of all, he affirmed the achievements made in the 1st quarter and thanked everyone for their efforts. He believed that it was not easy for us to achieve the performance in the 1st quarter in the face of the current extremely unstable situation in China and abroad and the high price of raw materials. It was also the result of the efforts of all leaders and all colleagues of the company, Secondly, Dr. Tan deployed the overall work in the 2nd quarter, focusing on the sales performance, market upgrading, new product development and manufacturing cost control in the 2nd quarter, and put forward the requirements and deployment for the urgent problems in the internal organization construction of the company.

The meeting lasted two and a half hours. All  participated in the whole process, listened carefully and expressed their constructive ideas and suggestions.

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