The next stop in Germany's new energy transition?



Time of issue:2022-01-07 16:40


In the next few years, the German energy storage market will show a significant growth trend. It is expected to increase by 11 times from 2015 to 2021, and substantial growth will occur in the residential sector.

Resident users are mainly interested in photovoltaic energy storage, mainly to solve the electricity consumption generated by their own solar power generation. On the one hand, maximum self-sufficiency has become one of the driving forces for the development of photovoltaic energy storage. On the other hand, the development of photovoltaic energy storage is also inseparable from the growing economic driving force. In recent years, although the feed-in tariff subsidy in Germany has dropped significantly, the development of electricity has been quite rapid. In addition to these factors, the rapid decline in energy storage prices and the stimulus plan of the KfW Bank (currently providing up to 22% of the loan line for the energy storage system to match the photovoltaic power generation system) have also promoted the rapid recognition of photovoltaic energy storage in Germany .

However, due to the considerable interest in residential energy storage, the German photovoltaic market has declined in the past few years. According to GTM Research's "Global Solar Demand Monitoring Report", the pace of photovoltaic development will remain stable by 2021.

In the first half of 2016, the PV on-grid tariff remained unchanged, but the PV installation volume did not reach the expected target. In fact, the low feed-in tariff has greatly decomposed the value proposition of users' demand for photovoltaics.

In Germany, compared with photovoltaic energy storage, currently only photovoltaic systems can bring good economic benefits to users. However, in the coming years, the development of photovoltaic energy storage will catch up and even surpass photovoltaics. Even if the retail electricity price rises moderately as expected, and the future photovoltaic on-grid electricity price declines, photovoltaic energy storage will become more and more popular in the market. As Germany enters the 2020s, energy storage will play another driving force in the photovoltaic market. At the same time, in order to avoid higher retail electricity prices, users will further increase the installation of photovoltaic energy storage systems. The development of energy storage can not only further realize the self-sufficiency of power users, but may even make more users accept the fact that they are paid for participating in the grid services provided by virtual power plants.

The German energy storage market has promising prospects, and the photovoltaic market will benefit greatly as the price of energy storage drops. In the 1920s, with the gradual cancellation of the photovoltaic feed-in tariff subsidy policy, the market will gradually pay more attention to energy storage. Moreover, in the middle and late stages of the next decade, energy storage will receive further attention as technology updates and product generations. In addition, after 2020, photovoltaic energy storage will further stimulate more potential in the residential photovoltaic market. Obviously, in the next ten years, or even longer, the photovoltaic energy storage market in Germany will have a broad prospect.

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