Thanks for having you, go all the way! -Remember Pengcheng's second anniversary trip to Heyuan!

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Time of issue:2022-01-07 16:38


On July 22, 2018, Shenzhen Pengcheng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. ushered in its second anniversary in the forge ahead. Here, Pengcheng New Energy expresses heartfelt gratitude to our suppliers, customers, friends from all walks of life, and partners who have supported and cared for us all the way, and salutes all employees who have worked hard! At the same time, for better promotion The development and inheritance of the company's corporate culture allows all employees to relax, relieve stress, enhance communication and communication between colleagues, and collaboration and mutual assistance between departments. The company specially organized this two-day tourism event. This activity not only enriched the employees' spare time, but also strengthened the cohesion of the team, and fully embodies the company's business philosophy of "harmony promotes the happiness of all employees"!

In the early morning of July 21st, Pengcheng's elites embarked on a bus bound for Heyuan and embarked on a two-day trip to Heyuan. Along the way, we talked and laughed happily, and the fun was endless. At noon, I tasted the local Hakka cuisine-"Salt Baked Chicken", "Mei Cai", "Tofu Stuffed" and so on. In the afternoon, we will visit the new landmark of world tourism [Bavarian Manor], play bumper cars, carousels, high-altitude bicycles, etc. in the happy world, take the cable car in the forest cableway (PS: it is really hot), the beautiful European town makes us feel To a special building with a different style. Even if the sun is shining brightly and sweating, it does not affect our pursuit of happiness in the slightest. Time flies quickly, and the fun here is lively, and the self-service barbecue in the evening is carried out intensively. Everyone has an orderly division of labor and unites and cooperates. In a short while, the fragrant chicken wings, sweet corn, fragrant leeks, and plump eggplant all went into battle one after another. To eat and drink, everyone gathered around the beautiful campfire to sing and play games. An evening party without rehearsal officially kicked off, completely breaking the silence of the night, and the joy and laughter of all of us echoed in the park.




In the morning of the second day, I followed the guide all the way to the [Jinghuayuan Scenic Area]. The scenic area relies on the wonderful natural scenery of Wanlv Lake and abundant animal and plant resources. Wandering along the forest road to enjoy the beautiful scenery, all the way forward, Yu Jinghuayuan’s daughter country enjoyed a large-scale Hakka song and dance performance, and when he walked to the bank of Wanlv Lake, his eyes suddenly became bright, and his mood was washed again, breathing. The fresh air, holding a handful of lake water, cool and cool, washed away the tiredness, people can't help but bloom, and everyone is playing on the boat on the beautiful Wanlv Lake, happily like a child, full of playfulness.




In the afternoon, we came to the beautiful [Wanlv Valley], where the strange peaks and rocks in the valley, the falling waters of Meitan, the virgin forest, the ancient trees and the strange flowers have shaped the natural forms of various poses and quirks, showing the masterpieces of nature. The beautiful natural scenery and primitive ecological environment refresh one's mind, refreshing and refreshing. At the same time, the team building activities belonging to Pengcheng people were also enthusiastically launched under the organization of President Li. The first wonderful link-mutual understanding, aimed at bringing the distance between all employees and enhancing communication and exchanges between employees; second A wonderful link-Pengcheng is more exciting with me. This is a challenge of high-quality passion and speed. Finally, under the leadership of Mr. Tan, all the employees challenged to complete the game in 7 seconds and moved all the employees present. I believe that as long as we unite and don't give up, nothing is impossible! Just like our slogan: Pengcheng Pengcheng, omnipotent.




【Bavaria Manor】+【Mirror Flower】+【Wanlv Valley】=【Happiness】+【Persistence】+【Unity】, with the end of the team building activity, this two-year Anniversary trip to Heyuan ended perfectly. The second anniversary is a milestone for Pengcheng people, a site for arduous entrepreneurship, and a new starting point for achieving success in the next two, ten or even twenty years. Recalling the past, 2 years of wind and rain poncho smashing thorns, 2 years of hard work, forge ahead, 2 years of prosperous years. From 2016 to 2018, Pengcheng has forged a solid mark of progress every time it undergoes quenching; every piece of iron flower flying has witnessed a period of hot entrepreneurial years.

Looking back on the two-year development history, the company has always adhered to the concept of science and technology to promote social progress and harmony to promote the happiness of all employees, shaping a good industry reputation and social influence! I wish Pengcheng a more exciting next anniversary!

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