On February 26, 2017, the company successfully completed the major lithium battery project of Guangxi Laibin solar lighting

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Spring has come quietly without knowing it, showing the breath of spring everywhere. Walking into the western part of Dayaoshan, Guangxi, on the main highway that stretches for more than 10 kilometers, the lithium battery solar street lights are installed in a symmetrical arrangement, adding a beautiful scenery to the spring of Yaoshan.

In late February 2017, our company has completed the delivery of more than 1,100 lithium-ion batteries for solar street lights in Laibin, Guangxi, and successfully completed the entire project in accordance with customer needs, and won praise from customers.

Since our company launched the project in January, leaders at all levels have paid great attention to personally supervise the product quality and check the product delivery date. Finally, the smooth delivery of the product was completed in late February. The products used in this project are the company’s newly developed 75128 series products, which use metal shell packaging technology and unique sealing technology to ensure that the products achieve high safety, reliability and long cycle life. They are favored by customers, peers and even peer supporting manufacturers. And so on.

According to the company’s general manager, Dr. Tan Zuxian, although this project is not the company’s most shipped project, it is one of the projects with the highest cumulative energy (above 1000kWh), the most stringent requirements and the tightest time for solar street lights using lithium batteries so far. It is also the project with the largest shipment of the company's 75128 series of new products.

Walk into Guangxi and walk into Yaoshan, welcome to Yaoshan to see the scenery, Pengcheng New Energy will light up the road of travel for you!

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