Lithium battery storage and control system brings opportunities to Indonesia's photovoltaic energy storage market

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Time of issue:2022-01-07 16:32


With the rise of the photovoltaic industry, Indonesia, as a country with 13,487 large and small islands, has an existing population of approximately 240 million. Batteries and battery energy storage technologies are currently the top two energy products in Indonesia’s total imports, and distributed photovoltaic power generation. The application is gradually being promoted, and the domestic demand market has great development potential. Solar energy has the advantages of inexhaustible resources and inexhaustible use, but how to enjoy the benefits of sunlight at night has opened up new application business opportunities in the field of energy storage.

On April 13, Indonesian customer BAM, who specializes in various distributed photovoltaics, visited our company. Manager Xu Siyuan, the head of the company's foreign trade department, and Dr. Tan Zuxian, general manager, jointly received the customers. Manager Xu first explained the company’s business philosophy, market positioning, product features and competitive advantages to customers patiently. BAM was very interested in the company’s more than 10 patents and conducted detailed technical exchanges and discussions; then at BAM, Mr. Xu and Under the leadership of Dr. Tan, he visited the factory and conducted detailed consultation and understanding of on-site management, automated equipment and various quality control points.

BAM focused on discussing with Dr. Tan the lithium-ion battery storage and control system products required for solar lighting in Indonesia and related technical issues, and expressed strong interest in the company’s two new integrated storage and control products. According to BAM, there is no such product in Indonesia. This kind of similar storage and control integrated lithium battery system appears.

After in-depth exchanges, the customer confirmed several sets of products for application testing in the Indonesian market on the same day, and reached a basic framework for subsequent strategic cooperation between the two parties in the field of photovoltaic energy storage.

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