The home solar energy storage: a great shot in the arm for the winter of energy

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Time of issue:2022-11-17 17:39


  Affected by the Russian-Ukrainian war since 2022, Europe is facing an energy crisis. The price of electricity and traditional energy has been rising day by day. The soaring prices of energy sources such as coal and oil have also pushed up electricity prices for European residents. Seeing that summer is over and winter is approaching, energy shortages are a worrying issue across the Western Hemisphere. Rising energy prices have brought new growth points to home energy storage in Europe. Under the global carbon neutrality goal, clean energy will gradually replace fossil energy, wind power and solar power generation will become the absolute main force of new energy, and the installed capacity will continue to maintain high growth. 
  As the proportion of new energy power generation increases, the demand for energy storage will further increase. Energy storage is widely used on the power generation side, the grid side, and the power consumption side, and can well solve the problems of new energy power generation, instability, randomness, and intermittency. With the development of global new energy, in the future, every home may be equipped with distributed power generation. With the increase in the proportion of new energy power generation, the power balance mode of the entire power system also needs to be reconstructed, and the necessity of home energy storage will be further highlighted.

  Home energy storage: the blue ocean market
  What is energy storage? Simply put, when there is excess energy, it is stored with a special device, and the energy is released when it is needed. The stored energy here refers specifically to electrical energy. Since the peak-valley period of electricity consumption and the peak-valley period of power generation in the whole society do not completely coincide, this leads to an imbalance between supply and demand in time. In particular, wind power and photovoltaics are extremely unstable. You have to rely on the sky and sun. At night or on rainy days, photovoltaics are just decorations, and if there is less wind or strong winds, wind power is powerless. Therefore, this kind of instability requires energy storage to adjust and balance the contradiction between power generation and electricity consumption, and the status of energy storage is self-evident. From the production of electricity to the final use, the approximate process is: production of electricity (power plants, power stations) - transmission of electricity (power grid companies) - use of electricity (users). In the above three links, energy storage can be established, and energy storage can be divided into: generation-side energy storage, grid-side energy storage, and user-side energy storage according to application scenarios. Home solar energy storage can also be called home energy storage, through the combination of distributed photovoltaics and home energy storage. In residents' homes, the households are powered by new energy power generation equipment such as solar energy, and the electricity is managed at the same time, and the excess electricity is stored and supplied to the grid. After all, the core logic of home solar energy storage growth comes from the fact that home solar energy storage can improve the efficiency of self-generated electricity and reduce economic costs. Especially under the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, the reduction of economic costs and the characteristics of self-sufficiency are particularly important.
   What is the prospect of home energy storage, perhaps we can find out from a set of data in the United States. According to Energy Sage's survey on the demand of home energy storage users in the United States, ensuring the reliability of electricity consumption and achieving the purpose of self-power supply and economic reasons have become the main reasons for the majority of users to support home energy storage system. Why home energy storage system has received so much attention from the market is related to the characteristics of home energy storage system. First of all, from the user side, home energy storage system can play a role in reducing electricity bills. This is particularly important in the face of energy shortages. The second is to improve the reliability and stability of power supply. I believe everyone has paid attention to the news about power outages in various regions this year. Home energy storage system can be used as an emergency power supply to reduce the adverse impact of power outages on normal life, and as an emergency backup power supply in the face of major disasters leading to power interruptions in the power grid, improving the reliability of home power supply. 

  The electrochemical energy storage industry will usher in explosive growth in the next few years, and drive the rapid development of the upstream and downstream industrial chains, boosting the scale of my country's energy storage market and bringing strong economic benefits. Relying on the global sales network and customer service system, PCENERSYS home energy storage products, mainly represented by 5kwh and 10kwh home energy storage lithium ion battery, are quickly sold overseas, with users in the European Union, North America, Australia, and Southeast Asia, Japan and other countries and regions have maintained a high market share, ranking among the best in the global home energy storage market. PCENERSYS are committed to changing people’s way of generating, transferring and using electricity by providing excellent ESS. With the release of PCENERSYS existing capacity and the construction of new capacity, it will further consolidate the company leading position in the global home energy storage market.

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