What are the structure and advantages and disadvantages of 48V Powerwall from China



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A typical 48V Powerwall from China, the main components include: top cover, casing, positive plate, negative plate, laminated sheets or coils composed of separators, insulating parts, safety components, etc. Among them, the two in the red circle are safety structures, NSD acupuncture safety device; OSD overcharge protection device.

48V Powerwall from China

Acupuncture safety device. This is to add a metal layer, such as copper foil, to the outermost of the core. When acupuncture occurs, the local high current generated at the acupuncture site quickly reduces the current per unit area through the large-area copper sheet, which can prevent the local overheating of the acupuncture site and slow down the thermal runaway of the lithium battery.

Overcharge safety protection device, this safety design can be seen on many batteries at present. Generally, it is a thin metal sheet, which is used in conjunction with the fuse. The fuse can be designed on the positive current collector. When the lithium battery is overcharged, the pressure generated inside the lithium battery will cause the OSD to trigger an internal short circuit and generate an instantaneous high current, which will cause the fuse to fuse and cut off the internal current loop of the battery. 

The casing is generally a steel casing or an aluminum casing. Driven by the market's pursuit of energy density and the progress of the production process, the aluminum casing has gradually become the mainstream.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of 48V Powerwall from China?

Advantages, 48V Powerwall from China has high packaging reliability; high system energy efficiency; relatively light weight, high energy density; relatively simple structure, relatively convenient expansion, and is currently an important option to increase energy density by increasing monomer capacity; monomer Large capacity means that the system structure is relatively simple, making it possible to monitor the individual units one by one; another benefit brought by the simplicity of the system is relatively good stability.

Disadvantages, because 48V Powerwall from China can be customized according to the size of the product, there are thousands of models on the market, but because of too many models, it is difficult to unify the process; the level of production automation is not high, and the differences in monomers Larger, in large-scale applications, there is a problem that the system life is much lower than the monomer life.


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