Energy storage battery systems for home use: 48V 100Ah, 200Ah powerwall LiFePO4 battery



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Energy storage battery systems for home use: 48V 100Ah, 200Ah powerwall LiFePO4 battery

  Residential solar energy system are becoming increasingly popular with residential solar users today. According to a recent survey of more than 1,500 U.S. households by solar power developer SunPower, about 40 percent of Americans expressed concern about frequent power outages. Among the respondents who have installed solar power generation facilities, 70% of the respondents indicated that they plan to install battery energy storage systems. But it turns out that a variety of factors can affect the life of a residential battery storage system. Pcenersys 48V 100Ah powerwall LiFePO4 battery and 48V 200Ah powerwall LiFePO4 battery are designed for American market. The powerwall LiFePO4 battery are windly compatible with 110V&220V solar inverter in the market, such as Sol-Ark, Growatt, SRNE, Megarevo, Schneider and atc. 

  In addition to providing powerwall LiFePO4 Battery in the event of a power outage, many energy storage battery systems allow for intelligent scheduling of power in and out, which is to maximize the value of residential solar power systems. Also, some energy storage battery systems are optimized for integration into EV charging facilities.

Although the installed capacity of deploying energy storage battery systems has steadily climbed, its supporting deployment rate is still low. According to data released by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBL), in 2020, 8.1% of residential solar systems in the United States will be equipped with energy storage battery systems.
  There are many options for residential energy storage battery systems. But in the U.S., two players dominate the residential battery storage space. According to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBL) survey, LG Chem and Tesla account for more than 90% of the residential energy storage market in the United States, of which Tesla has more than 60% of the market.
  The Tesla powerwall lithium ion battery has a limited warranty that claims to be free from defects for 10 years after installation. It also guarantees an initial capacity of 13.5kWh for the powerwall lithium ion battery storage system and will guarantee its storage capacity according to a degradation schedule.
  LG Chem said its energy storage system will maintain more than 60% of its energy storage capacity (9.8 kWh) for 10 years. Batteries must operate between -10°C and 45°C to maintain warranty coverage.

  Pcenersys 48V 100Ah powerwall LiFePO4 battery and 48V 200Ah powerwall LiFePO4 battery are made of grade A LiFePO4 battery cells, the lifespan is more than 10 years. Beyond that, the price is lower than LG Chem and Tesla powerwall so much. Email us:  get more details!

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