What are the product advantages of household 48V 100Ah Powerwall



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The household 48V 100Ah Powerwall system mainly refers to the energy storage system installed on residential buildings. Its operation modes include independent operation, supporting operation with small wind turbines, rooftop photovoltaic and other renewable energy power generation equipment, and household heat storage equipment. The applications of the household 48V 100Ah Powerwall system include: electricity bill management, control of electricity cost (low charge and high discharge); power supply reliability; distributed renewable energy access; electric vehicle energy storage battery applications, etc.

household 48V 100Ah Powerwall

The household 48V 100Ah Powerwall market is an emerging market, and there are not many demonstration projects in the world. Some companies developing household energy storage products have emerged, mainly in Germany, the United States, and Japan. Germany is the most promising household energy storage market. As the world’s largest photovoltaic power generation country, new energy has been applied on a large scale in Germany; Japan is a special market and a test field for the early household 48V 100Ah Powerwall market; the American community The energy storage market has been developed for many years, and there are some important demonstration projects, but the domestic energy storage market is not as fast as Germany and Japan. China's household energy storage market has just started, and there are still many restrictive factors in its development. However, there are also companies in China that have set foot in the household energy storage system market, and have developed household 48V 100Ah Powerwall systems for domestic and foreign household energy storage markets.

Compared with lead-acid batteries, household 48V 100Ah LiFePO4 battery has the advantages of small size, light weight, strong temperature adaptability, high charge and discharge efficiency, safety and stability, long service life, energy saving and environmental protection.


Advantages of household 48V 100Ah Powerwall system:

1.10 years long service life;

2. Modular design, small size and light weight;

3. Front operation, front wiring, convenient for installation and maintenance;

4. One-button switch, more convenient operation;

5. Suitable for long-term charge and discharge cycle;

6. Safety certification: TUV, CE, TLC, UN38.3, etc.;

7. Support high current charge and discharge: 100A (2C) charge and discharge;

8. Adopt high-performance processor, configure dual CPU, high reliability;

9. Various communication interfaces: RS485, RS232, CAN;

10.household 48V 100Ah Powerwall adopts multi-level energy management;

11. Highly compatible BMS, seamlessly connected with energy storage inverters;

12.Multiple sets of household 48V 100Ah Powerwall are paralleled, and the address is obtained automatically without manual operation.


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