Development Trend of 48V 100Ah Rack Type Battery



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The 48V 100Ah Rack Type Battery has obvious power protection function and is widely used in centralized management and enterprises. When the mains power is cut off, it will continue to supply power to the load without interruption; when the mains power is unstable, it can avoid the load from undervoltage, surge impact, etc., and improve the quality of power supply comprehensively. When the power supply system fails, it can provide comprehensive protection for the load, and provide protection against overload, short circuit, battery over-discharge, etc., and provide a stable working environment for the load.

48V 100Ah Rack Type Battery

1. Intelligent

Through the analysis and synthesis of various information, the intelligent system should complete the real-time monitoring of the UPS in operation in addition to the normal operation control function of the corresponding part of the 48V 100Ah Rack Type Battery, and analyze and process the important data information in the circuit. From it, it can be obtained whether the circuit of each part is working normally and other functions; when the UPS fails, it can analyze in time according to the detection results, diagnose the fault location, and give the treatment method.

2. Redundant parallel machine technology

Through the development of new application technology, the redundant parallel operation of multiple modules in the 48V 100Ah Rack Type LiFePO4 Battery can be realized without additional central control components, and the load is evenly shared. When a module has a problem, the load is automatically transferred and repaired Hot swappable, greatly improving the reliability of power supply for a single UPS.

3. Integration

With the development of informatization, the application field of power protection is constantly expanding and the requirements are constantly improving. It is difficult for UPS to meet these requirements alone, and it is necessary to control the links involved in the entire power system. The pure backup power technology of protection and system protection has developed into today's integrated application of information protection, intelligent management and overall computer room integration.

From the point of view of the power supply technology of 48V 100Ah Rack Type LiFePO4 Battery, on the basis of continuous optimization of power output characteristics, research on power input characteristics has made electromagnetic compatibility and low harmonic pollution important indicators. Harmonic processing technology and electromagnetic compatibility The design can improve the load characteristics of the power supply to the grid, reduce the impact on other equipment, and improve the source effect of the power supply. The concept of green power supply has begun to attract people's attention.

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