Communication characteristics of 48V 200Ah lithium ion battery



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The 48V 200Ah lithium ion battery lithium ion battery pack for communication base stations has overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, overtemperature, short circuit protection, voltage balance during charging, system operating status and fault alarm display, master-slave address setting, system reset, SOC display and other functions. At the same time, it can collect the information of all battery packs, and realize multi-machine parallel connection through the RS232 communication interface, communicate with the host computer, receive corresponding instructions, set parameters, and monitor data. According to the battery display, the iron-lithium single battery adopts a fully sealed structure, and the battery can be placed arbitrarily, without harmful gas emissions, safe and pollution-free, and is a green product.

48V 200Ah lithium ion battery

Through the series-parallel connection of batteries, the modules can be made into lithium-ion battery packs of various voltage levels and capacities to meet various requirements of switching power supplies and UPS backup power supplies. Lithium iron phosphate batteries for communication generally adopt a modular structure. A 48V 200Ah lithium ion battery module usually consists of 15 or 16 50Ah battery cells connected in series.

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