Summary meeting in May: The proportion of energy storage lithium battery shipments has increased significantly

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Time of issue:2022-06-09 09:54


On June 8, 2022, the company's management cadres held the May business summary meeting in the Dongguan branch conference room. The meeting was presided over by the company's general manager, Dr. Tan Zuxian, and all the heads of various departments attended. The theme of the meeting was mainly to report and analyze the business performance and internal management issues in the past five months.



First of all, Mr. Tan gave great affirmation and encouragement to the product development, project completion, production efficiency and shipment in the past May, especially in the two aspects of independent product development and customer project development, we gave full play to our team The advantages of combat, especially the smooth promotion of the company's development of energy storage lithium batteries, AGV lithium batteries, and BMS, have laid a good foundation for future market promotion.

Secondly, the domestic sales director Cathy analyzed and reported on the domestic market. Cathy shared the current situation of the external market environment and the advantages and disadvantages we face in the market. In the long-term process of adhering to the supremacy of quality, our overall performance this year is upward and positive. This is the effect of continuous accumulation. At the same time, we cannot ignore the potential risks of the existence of the market. Currently, it is subject to external factors such as high raw materials and export restrictions. , a considerable number of our customers are also struggling, this time we need to be able to optimize product design, cost, fundamentally save customers, while enhancing our own competitiveness.

Afterwards, Orien, director of foreign trade sales, reported on the market demand of foreign energy storage lithium batteries, and analyzed our export data of energy storage lithium batteries in the past five months. The proportion of products has increased significantly. At the same time, quite a number of our customers have responded well to our home energy storage lithium batteries, and they are laying the market foundation while shipping.

Other departments have also summarized and analyzed the current work, especially given a lot of constructive suggestions and opinions for the current situation and environment.

Finally, Mr. Tan summed up the entire meeting and made detailed arrangements for the key business work in June.

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