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Time of issue:2023-07-21 18:03


The best way of life is to run with the group of like-minded partners, on the ideal road, the story of the journey, Lower the head with collaborative firm steps, look up with a clear goal in the distance! In this enthusiastic July day, in order to enhance the cohesion of the company's management team, Strengthen the communication, exchange and cooperation between cross-departments and new and old employees, relieve work pressure, and put into work with better state and passion. Pengcheng New Energy organized a team building and expansion activity with the theme of "unity, cooperation and responsibility". Let's take a look at the scene next!




- 01  -


Every member is an indispensable part of the team, and our strength comes from each other. At the very beginning of the group building, all the members introduced their names and aliases one by one



"Seven years of wind and rain, seven years of progress; seven years of continuous innovation, 7 years of a new high. Distinguished leaders, dear Pengcheng family, Good morning, everyone! I am Tian Chuan from Pengcheng Department of Domestic Sales, but also the host of today's event; Today, I will accompany you to have a pleasant and unforgettable day!



You are now in the position of Pengcheng 'concentric calendar, create good achievements' 2023 years of the group building activities of the scene; 7 years of hard work, 7 years of care,
7 years of help, let us aftertaste together, Thanksgiving together, Thanksgiving for those who walk with us all the way. Be grateful for giving us all of our goals and directions Ten senior leaders, grateful for our own never give up the beautiful today; of course, Pengcheng can have today's achievements and achievements, more without the present Every Pengcheng people's hard work, thank you!"Now, let's welcome the minister of the general management Department, Minister Qiao, to introduce the activity process for us!”


Minister Joe introduced the lunch and dinner, and said that the games and prizes should be kept confidential. And with the comprehensive management department brought a warm-up performance: poetry recitation.



- 02  -



The presence was divided into six groups by randomization. The principle of grouping is that the separation of departments, separation of new and old employees, separation of head office and branch has achieved the purpose of strengthening the communication, exchange and cooperation between different departments and new and old employees."Many years from now, you may thank you who have fought hard. Don't forget the original dream, with a grateful heart to continue to move forward."The host introduced" Once You " and led everyone to learn the song together."And this song is very important, it is an important part of the game activity later on.” Our logistics team is not idle, randomly check the members of the team, let everyone alert to learn this song


- 03  -


"A kind ping sister, full of colleagues respect, but also explains her simple love; youth is her young capital, sincere is her noble coat, smile on her face bloom; 5 years of persistence, let the four seasons change, Only this heart long; is her hard tenacity, dedication, will let Pengcheng today so sunny. Let's give a warm applause to today's winners, everyone with me to shout out her name —— Ping sister!” Bu said that only want to express thanks, thanks Pengcheng everything, and success and Pengcheng mutual achievements.I am also looking forward to the next award is other colleagues, young people push forward, has a lot of expectations for the younger generation.

- 04 -


The flipping game has narrowed the distance between everyone, eliminated the strangeness of some members of the first acquaintance, from stiff to relax, dislike each other is not smart. The scene atmosphere is strong and wonderful constantly.


- 05 -


One and a half hours, each group racked their brains to come up with programs, skits, singing, dancing and other forms to make everyone laugh, drive the atmosphere of the scene. The judges all said that the performance is much better than expected, we did not expect so many talents! Compared with the performance, more is to know the new and more open everyone.


- 06 -



Working employees are divided into three years, five years and ten years. Company is the longest confession of love. Thank them for accompanying the company through countless wind and rain.


- 07 -



- 08 -



Pengcheng new energy and the backbone to share the operating results of the enterprise, so that the interests and the long-term development of the enterprise more closely combined, fully mobilize their enthusiasm and creativity. Tan introduced the meaning and standard of the backbone dividend in detail, and said that everyone present is likely to get, looking forward to your next efforts, hope that the backbone team of the next award will be huge.


- 09 -



When the game, everyone enthusiastically shouted "Pengcheng have me more wonderful", all quickly into the "battle" state. High passion, embodies the enthusiasm of each participant, the
interpretation of everyone's energy and positive energy. Everyone in this lively atmosphere slowly close to, cohesion gradually heating up


- 10 -



- 11 -


The head of the department shared the summary of the middle of the year one by one. Although this year has only passed half, the content was very substantial. In the past six months, the ups and
downs were shared with you. And also shared their own department of the three advantages, two disadvantages.

- 12 -


”Today's group building activity is mainly based on everyone. I want to spend a day as serving everyone, which is very meaningful. I think this group building activity is very successful.”



Tan general first affirmed the success of the group building, but also praised everyone's performance. I am very pleased to see that everyone was built. The head of the department summarized and commented in the middle of the year, and recalled the process of the past 7 years. It is not easy. Since the establishment of the entrepreneurial team with only a few people at the beginning to the largest number of new faces since the creation, I was very moved. We from all over the world gather together because of similar interests, and enjoy the sense of achievement brought by unity efforts. We look forward to making more stories with you and working together to create great results!


Although the group building activity was over, everyone participating in the expansion also felt the strength of the team, the activity strengthened mutual communication, increased the cohesion of the team, The purpose of group building is to let everyone feel the power of the team, there is no perfect individual in the world, but can have a complete team; the potential of people is endless, the collective power is infinite!

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